• Ashokan Dividing Weir Gatehouse Improvements (Contract No. CAT-235)
  • Bay Park STP Dechlorination Vault Storm Mitigation (Contract No. S35121-16V)
  • Bowery Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant (Contract No. BB-205)
  • Catskill & Delaware Interconnection At Shaft4 (Contract No. Del-359)
  • Catskill & Delaware Ultra Violet Disinfection Facility (Contract No. CAT-210G)
  • Chelsea Cove Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation (Contract No. E15-077)
  • Croton Water Treatment Plant at Mosholu Golf Course (Contract No. CRO-312H0
  • DC Water Main Process Train (Contract No. 13981)
  • Exelon Richmond Generating Station-Control Retrofit Project
  • GFD Suez Energy Milford Plant Controls Modernization
  • Manasquan/Wall/ Spring Lk Water Distribution SCADA
  • New Rochelle WWTP - Odor Control Scrubber System (Contract No. 08-540)
  • Newtown Creek WPCP Upgrade (Contract No. NC-50G)
  • Port Richmond Boiler System Upgrade (Contract No. PR-113)
  • Toms River Groundwater System
  • Yonkers Joint WWTP Odor Control


All Projects
All Projects
  • 26th Ward Preliminary Treatment Reliability Improvements (Contract No. 26W-20G)
  • 26th Ward Wastewater Treatment Plant - HVAC (Contract No. 26D-20H)
  • Activation of City Tunnel # 3 in Queens and Brooklyn (Contract No. 542C)
  • Bay Park Sludge Dewatering Facility Improvements (Contract No. SE5121-09G)
  • Bay Park STP Main Substation & Electrical Distribution, Phase E3 (Contract No. S35121-14F)
  • Bay Park STP Phase E2 Unit Substation No. 2 & Electrical Distribution (Contract No. S35121-14E)
  • Bergen Point Pump Station Improvements to Final Effluent Pump Station (Contract No. 8108)
  • Binghamton - Johnson City Joint Sewage Treatment Plant (Contract No. 15063)
  • BP STP Effluent Pumping Facility Improvements (Contract No. S35121-12G)
  • BRSA Main Pump Station Sludge Return Building & Pump Station # 1 Repairs & Mitigation (Contract No. 10520)
  • Catskill Aqueduct Connection Project- Phase 1A (Contract No. S1608091-DB)
  • Construction of a Dechlorination at Newtown Creek WWTP (Contract No. NC-159)
  • DC Water Filtrate Treatment Facility ‐ I&C for Process Systems (Contract No. 13992)
  • GAC Treatment System at Washington Lake Filtration Plant (Contract No. 16WLFP)
  • Hempstead Wastewater Pump Station (Contract No. S3P311-09G)
  • North River WWTP Cogeneration and Electrification (Contract No. NR-38)
  • NYC DEP Troubleshooting & Networking Contract for Catskill and Delaware UV Facility
  • Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission - Sodium Hypochlorite Storage Facilities Upgrade (Contract No. A993)
  • PSEG Long Island Newbridge Wireless Monitoring Upgrade
  • PSEG Long Island Valley Stream Sub 2K Wireless Monitoring Upgrade
  • SSE- Croton Emergency Generator Additional Work (Contract No. CRO-312)
  • Staten Island Chlorination Station - I&C (Contract No. 30-10 (Siphon)
  • Tarrytown - Pump Station Rehabilitation & Forcemain Replacement (Contract No. 10490)
  • Total Residual Chlorine Reduction Facility at North River WWTP (Contract No. DO-32)
  • Viaduct and Bridge Replacement Myrtle Line (BMT) (Contract No. C-48702)